Rotary Rasp

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Grind off extra wood with a rotary rasp. It’s also great for widening or shaping holes in wood and many plastics. Periodically clean off the rasp with an old toothbrush. If you’re running the drill for an extended time or really leaning on the tool, you may overtax the motor or damage its bearings. Either give your drill a rest or use a heavier-duty drill that can deliver the needed power while maintaining the rpm. It looks gnarly, and it is. The rotary rasp isn’t a finishing tool. You’ll have to use a file and/or sandpaper to smooth any marks that show.

  • Great for all types of detail work in both Wood Working
  • Used for machine cutting, grinding, sanding, drilling, sharpening, shaping, carving, de-burring, and more
  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Type: Twist Drill Bit
  • Package INCLUDES:5 X Hss Power Tools