Forstner Drill Bit Set

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Suitable for: Wood, Plastic Products, Plywood
Material type: Carbon High Speed Steel
Size: 16mm, 20mm, 25mm,30mm, 35mm
(5/8-Inch, 3/4-Inch, 1-Inch, 1-1/8-Inch, 1-3/8-Inch)

✔The cutter is water-proof, anti-corrosive, and durable.
✔In design with curve, the head is good at removing the debris and working efficiently.
✔The tip is specially designed to cut through hole cleanly, great for boring concealed hinges and door clocks.
✔Made from carbon HSS steel and being hot-treated, the blade is characterized by high accuracy, smooth cutting
operation, good resistance to shock and good toughness.
✔It is suitable for cutting holes onto woods.Precision ground for heavy use and easily resharpened, they can enlarge existing holes with ease and can bore any arc of a circle.

Package Included:
5* Forstner Drill Bit